More Tasty Camping Hacks: Banana S’mores – 5.7.19

More Tasty Camping Hacks: Banana S’mores. It’s amazing what you can do with a campfire and a big bunch of marshmallows. And even the most savage camper can be soothed by a tasty S’more. Have a look at the show today! BTW: if you’re all about the S’mores in every tasty variety, try one of our other hacks here.


We have a wonderful Tell Me Something Good about a restauranteur who drops off soup from his place to chemo patients every day on his way home- free of charge and always with a bit of conversation. I’m loving these new Tell Me Something Good stories, because I see people sincerely and deliberately looking for those who might need their help. Maybe not the people who would step up and ask for it, but those for whom a helping hand could mean everything. I’m trying to become one of these people who “sees” where they’re needed.

Meanwhile… the Canyons School District is looking at launching an exciting new program designed to help our kids work through emotional and social challenges that have lead to serious problems in the past.


Apparently, no one taught Nana how to put the safety on her new gun. Grandpa learned this the hard way. #marriagegoals #lifelessons

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