Name A Cockroach After Your Ex For Valentine’s Day – 2.11.19

Name A Cockroach After Your Ex For Valentine’s Day. The El Paso Zoo has the most epic Valentine’s Day gift EVER. You can name one of their roaches after your Ex, and the roach will be fed to one of their meerkats on Facebook Live on V-Day- your Ex’s name listed, of course. Sniff… that’s so beautiful.


By the way: if you’re looking for a real, romantic, creative Valentine’s Day event, have a look at our suggestions here.

The Todd’s efforts to stay on a low-carb diet are unsuccessful because everything he wants to eat is high carb. Work in progress. Scary warning about home invasion thieves posing as LDS missionaries to get inside your house. Do you have a “Gold Star” driver’s license? You’re going to need one to fly the friendly skies soon.

And get this: some guy stole an elderly woman’s van EVERY NIGHT to rob places, then returned it in the morning. She was confused about why the seat and the rearview mirror were always moved. A sad and hilarious outcome.

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