New Resolutions Series – The Secrets To Your Success – 1.4.19

New Resolutions Series – The Secrets To Your Success. The Todd is back from his sick bed and still germy. Imagine bringing your son from North Carolina for a holiday visit, and the high altitude here in Utah sparks headaches so violent that a trip to the ER reveals he has brain cancer… just in time for treatment. It’s a miracle. There’s a GoFundMe account raising money for his treatments, you can find it here.

Then, there’s an epic story of the slickest robbery in Italy- ever. It’s cooler than the movie. And in our New Resolutions series, if one of yours is building your career, Dan Young from PC Laptops is here to tell you how.

If you missed any of our New Year’s Resolution series…

  1. Developing the mindset for success is here.
  2. What do you do when things fall apart? Learning to never give up is here.

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