Our House Is Haunted & I’m Kind Of Happy About It – 3.1.19

Our House Is Haunted & I’m Kind Of Happy About It. Yeah, so I’m pretty sure our house is haunted… the weird, flickering lights… the creepy Frying Pan Vortex. Zoe, our 8 year old is going to be hysterical about this. I need to call Tom Carr, our Ghosthunter.


(Editor’s note: Tom Carr is a ghost hunter, an author of a best selling book and he’s appeared on numerous national TV shows about ghost hunting. He’s always “standing room only” at our events, so if you’d like to hear him speak at the 4th Annual Todd & Erin Psychic Fair, you’ll want to get your tickets now– the psychic fair will sell out before Friday, March 22nd.)



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