Own Your Own Nudist Resort In Paradise! – 5.13.19

Own Your Own Nudist Resort In Paradise! Why bother to visit a nudist resort when you could own one? The world-famous resort in New Zealand is up for grabs at a super low price. Admit it. You’re tempted.

Say you’re sad that your vacation pictures aren’t as cool as everyone else’s. Enter a company that’ll photoshop your family into various magical destinations, so it looks like you’re lounging on a beach in Hawaii or skiing in Switzerland.

Also, chicken casseroles, pictures from Mother’s Day, and yes, we DO have the fastest-growing house prices in the country. Then there’s Utahns and selfies- we take a lot of them. A LOT. Like, more than the rest of the country. Are we that vain? Are our lives just more interesting? Discuss.

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