Rage Yoga: An Exercise I Can Finally Get Behind – 2.20.19

Rage Yoga: An Exercise I Can Finally Get Behind. There’s screaming and the use of a lot of really bad words. But when you leave, all life’s irritations are left behind. Sometimes, there’s Rage Yoga classes with beer. Who wants to go to a class with me?

You know, I was a vegetarian for 8 years, so I can respect the dedication. But disinviting family members (like your mom and 3 of your bridesmaids) for NOT being vegan seems a little harsh. A new brand of Bridezilla?


Speaking of marriage, Todd and I are coming up on our 22nd wedding anniversary, yay! Do you know what one of the “traditional” gifts is for your 22nd anniversary? A door knocker. I’m not making this up. So… while we’re on the subject of celebrating wedding anniversaries, I have to admit that the Todd is much more romantic than I am. Any good suggestions for celebrating our anniversary? Twenty-two years and we’ve haven’t murdered each other! That’s cause for celebration!


We experiment with another one of the “Nostalgia Comfort Foods” out on your grocery shelves, does anyone remember the “Fluffer-nutter” sandwich? The Todd’s from Boston and I’m thinking it’s an Eastern thing?

Want to see the results of our other nostalgia food tests? Have a look here.

A humble group of West High students saved the life of a man by doing CPR after he ejected from his car during a terrible crash by the school. They kept it up until police arrived, then disappeared into the night. The victim’s family wants to thank them- do you know who they were?

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