Raising Non-Greedy Kids During The Holidays – 11.28.18

Raising Non-Greedy Kids During The Holidays. It’s tough for kids! So much stuff drilled into their little brains during the Retail Hell of the holidays. How do we teach our kids to move past the “Buy! Buy! Buy!” Fortunately, Dr. Julie Hanks is here with sage advice. (Editor’s note: want to know more about avoiding family fights during the holidays? Find it here.)


In Tell Me Something Good- an amazing story of two bitter college football rivals and what one team did when the other team’s marching band ended up in a bus crash. Meet our latest “Shop Locally” legend- Michelle Brooks with her personalized Mary Kay packages. (Editor’s note: for a complete list of our “Shop Locally” holiday list, click here.  And with the unemployment rate so low, retailers are having to offer some really good incentives to work for them… like $5,000 vacations after the holiday season?


Do you let your dog sleep on the bed? What about your cat? There’s some startling evidence about which pet is better for a good night’s sleep. (Notice this doesn’t include husbands.) And what happens when pediatricians go above and beyond the call of duty to SWALLOW tiny toys to see what happens when your kiddo does it. Highly…uh… illuminating.

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