Raising Non-Greedy Kids This Holiday – 12.19.18

Raising Non-Greedy Kids This Holiday. How do you keep your kids from becoming wildly greedy during the holidays? How do you lower expectations without becoming The Worst Parents In The World? Dr Julie Hanks has the answer.


Speaking of… Raising Non-Greedy Kids This Holiday.

The “Charity Vending Machines” at the Joseph Smith Memorial building have raised over $1.3 million dollars for local and international charities- the Todd and I are going down today to buy polio vaccines for Africa- it’s open ’till December 31st if you want to purchase a little something. You can find more information here.

(Editor’s note: while you’re down at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building looking over the charity options, you will of course walk through the spectacular lights at Temple Square. We have our Exhaustive List Of Every Single Christmas Light Display Along The Wasatch Front here. I’m here for you, honey.)

So the “Backpack Kid” is suing Fortnite for “stealing” his Floss Dance without permission… joining two other celebs suing over signature dance moves. Are you expecting a holiday bonus this month? According to a new study, here in Utah only 12% of us hoping for a holiday bonus is actually getting one. Sniff…

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