Re-thinking “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” In The #MeToo Era – 12.4.18

Re-thinking “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” In The #MeToo Era. So, the holiday tune “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” is getting banned by several radio stations for lyrics they’re calling predatory in this new, more aware era. We put it to the test. In the stupidest possible way.

(Cover image credit: Warner Brothers, “Neptune’s Daughter”)

(Image credit: Walter Baxter)

And the Grinch Award of the week goes to the person who cut down a huge, beautiful spruce in a guy’s front yard here in the Avenues. Because, you know, going to a tree lot like a decent person is “too hard.” The “Scarfs in the Park” knitters are at it again, creating thousands of scarfs, hats and mittens for the homeless.


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