Roast Pork Leg With Apple Cider Glaze – THE Fall Feast! – 10.15.18

Roast Pork Leg With Apple Cider Glaze – THE Fall Feast! Looking for something that looks rather magnificent and tastes even better? The Todd’s perfect the perfect fall feast- roasted pork leg with apple cider glaze.

The apple cider cuts the fattiness sometimes associated with roast pork. It’s tender, it’s tasty, and it’s ridiculously cheap. The 20-30 pound pork legs are usually $1.89 a pound- we got ours for $1.20 a pound on sale. It smelled heavenly while roasting, and it was the perfect “cold weather” meal.

(Editor’s note: if you like the roast pork recipe, take a look at The Todd’s excellent recipe for Braised Beef Shanks. Frankly, the word “shank” creeps me out, but this was freaking delicious.)

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