Robo-Taxis – Would You Ride In a Driverless Car? 4.26.19

Robo-Taxis – Would You Ride In a Driverless Car? So your Taxi pulls up and there’s no one at the wheel. Would you still get in? Elon Musk from Tesla says he’ll have over a million “Robo-Taxis” on the road next year.


In our new segment “Stuff People Sent Us To Try,” we try out the new board game “5 Second Rule” with the additional challenge of being the “Uncensored” version. Like the regular game wasn’t hard enough… You can find both versions here.

Did you know there’s a legal percentage here in Utah for lawn covering your front yard? Who knew? And that you can be fined for not having said lawn percentage? Also, a cool new treasure hunt in your spare change, brain implants that turn thought into words and LeBron James – yes, the NBA player – is creating a whole new way to reach “unsaveable” kids.

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