Scariest Footage Ever From A Skier Caught In An Avalanche – 2.22.19

Scariest Footage Ever From A Skier Caught In An Avalanche. Have you ever wanted to experience an avalanche? Neither have I, but we have the scariest footage ever from a skier who was caught in an avalanche up in Big Cottonwood Canyon. He had a GoPro attached to his helmet that filmed the whole terrifying thing. (video credit: US Forest Service)


So at what point do you get rid of those plucky poinsettias that refuse to die? I feel so guilty just throwing them away. Did you know there’s an actual mathematical code that can predict divorce within a 95% accuracy? We discuss.

And in Tell Me Something Good- there’s nothing handier than having a group of inmates when you need someone to pick the lock on your car and rescue your baby. And that’s just what a group of felons on work release did for an hysterical mom and dad who’d locked their car keys- and their baby- in the car.

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