Shop Locally! Start With This Kid’s “Blockchain Adventure” Book – 11.26.18

Start With This Kid’s “Blockchain Adventure” Book… We’re kicking off “Shop Locally” this week- introducing you to local businesses, services and creative types like authors Linda Rawson, Jason Woodland and Tim Rowberry. We all want our kids to be smarter than US, right? Welcome to the new children’s book “Blockchain Adventure” series, “Toshi To The Moon,” the first in our “Shop Locally” push for the holidays. Happy Cyber Monday! You can order “Toshi To The Moon” here.


We’re on a quest this holiday to remind everyone to shop locally and support your local craftsmen, businesses, and services. They’re just as easy to shop with- online and never leaving the house? Perfection!

Interested in more “Shop Local Legends?”

Meet Kathy Cushman from Utah DIY Wedding- a complete wedding package for $395. I know you’re interested! Have a look here.

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