Sneating – Dating A Guy For The Free Food – Disgusting Or Okay? – 1.31.19

Sneating – Dating A Guy For The Free Food – Disgusting Or Okay? Sneating- ever heard of it? It’s the practice of going out on a date with someone for the sole purpose of having a nice dinner and having the guy pick up the bill. Then never seeing him again. Not cool. But a big group of women who take “pride” in their dating skills are claiming it’s perfectly reasonable. What do you think?


Meanwhile, our excitable ginger Skippy is up at the Sundance Film Festival, apparently sneaking into the hospitality lounges and stealing swag for us. Let’s see what we have to give away on Monday! Yay! Skippy’s gathering more celebrity selfies and attempting to ask women out. The first part is more successful than the last. Have a look… Plus! How good are your celebrity spotting skills? Name these four celebrities and you’re in the drawing for a $25 Target gift card! (Editor’s note: There’s more of Skippy’s celebrity news from the Sundance Film Festival here.)

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