Staying In Bed For 2 Months For $26,000 – Epic Jobs – 4.1.19

Staying In Bed For 2 Months For $26,000 – Epic Jobs. Would you like to stay in bed for 2 months and pick up $19,000? We’ve got a list of dream jobs today. Another one- traveling the world and eating for a year for $66,000. We’re here for you, honey.


So, here’s the weirdest identity switch ever- a guy in West Valley City who stole his brother’s identity to get into prison. We’ll explain why. While we’re speaking of weird crimes, how about the guy who just picked up a DUI for… driving with a pig. A 250-pound pig. On his lap.


Bunny Butt Cookies- the perfect Easter cookie and a reason for my 8-year-old to repeat the word “butt” endlessly without getting in trouble. We have the video.

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