Take A Bite Of That Cake And I’ll Shock You Senseless – 6.18.19

Take A Bite Of That Cake And I’ll Shock You Senseless. You’re thinking about eating that cake. Then as you lift the first forkful to your lips, your watch shocks you. There is such a thing! An adverse conditioning watch for bad habits- we’ll explain.

There’s a cool new app here in Utah that can match you up to an interesting short-term job. Like, if you wanted to learn how to make cotton candy at the fair for the afternoon, or shelve books in someone’s library. It’s called Bacon, which is the only shocking thing to us because frankly- anything related to the word bacon should have been bought online by now.

A prequel to the “Hunger Games” is on the way! Sadly, I’m not letting myself freak out yet because it’s being released in May of 2020. Soooo… we got a while.  And there’s a new medical delivery system for pets that spells disaster. Or the munchies. Picture a spray attachment that sprays a calming medication into the air to “calm your pets down.” Let’s just examine the disastrous potential of this, shall we?

Remember all those lovely, tasty things from childhood? We’ve been looking them up to see if they’re still wonderful these days. Today: Cracker Jacks.  Editor’s note: anyone remember Fluffernutter sandwiches? Have a look at their tasty factor here.

(Image credit: Tekhne)

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