Tasty No Carb Sandwiches – Hope You Like Pickles – 5.28.19

Tasty No Carb Sandwiches – Hope You Like Pickles. I’ve been trying to convince the Todd it’s time for him to try a low-carb diet. The man is not impressed, he loves his sandwiches. So I have a tasty alternative.

BTW: if you’re looking for more low-carb recipes, may I suggest our super-tasty one-net carb Teeny Tiny Pumpkin Tarts? You will thank me later.


(image credit: Alex Proimos)

Hiking in Zion National Park over the weekend is a lot like scaling Mount Everest… The Angel’s Landing hike was so popular over the weekend that the park had to close it down. There was a 4-hour line to climb it. Like Disneyland. Something similar is happening on Mount Everest right now- but this line is deadlier. We’ll explain.


The guy who built the multi-million dollar “Noah’s Ark” amusement park down in Tennessee is suing… for flood damage. Seems ironic, but there you go. For $75 per person, you don’t want to have to swim to the Ark. (Editor’s note: which contains – along with all of the animals ‘two by two’ – two baby dinosaurs. Dinosaurs. I’ll let that sink in.)


If you’re a diabetic and you’ve watched your insulin skyrocket from $100 a month to $1,200, there’s good news. More states are demanding answers about the mysterious price increases, and one state has already done something about it. We’ll tell you about it on the show today.

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