Tasty St. Patrick’s Day Dinners – 3.14.19

Tasty St. Patrick’s Day Dinners & Never Tick Off Your Dogs At The Iditarod. St. Patrick’s Day is Sunday- and every semi- Irish/Scottish/British… uh… everyone is celebrating, let’s be honest. Take notes- we have Cooking With Todd and the Toddler for traditional corned beef and cabbage with Mary Helen’s Magnificent Mustard Sauce.


(image credit: Air Force medical services)

The scuffle between Russell Westbrook from the Oklahoma Thunder with a racist fan at the Utah Jazz game has the “fan” banned for life. But we’re being labeled as the “Most racist basketball fans in America.” Does that seem fair?

Outfitting kids for Prom for free and letting them save their money for college- you’ll never believe who’s doing it.


And never, EVER hurt your sled dog’s feelings during the Iditarod Race- they apparently hold a grudge.

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