The Cool New Thing In The Foodie World: Fermentation Cooking – 4.19.19

The Cool New Thing In The Foodie World: Fermentation Cooking. So apparently the Cool New Thing in the Foodie World is… fermentation. Fermentation Cooking. You heard me. So let’s try it together, shall we? First up, your DIY video on sauerkraut.


BTW: you love the whole “bar food thing?” How lucky that the Todd has a tasty pickled egg recipe- you can find it here. It’s right after Easter and I know you have a lot of hard-boiled eggs just sitting around. Staring at you…


It’s sometimes easy to underestimate how far back our history stretches along the Wasatch Front. We live by the beautiful old Salt Lake City Cemetery – yes, where I introduced you to the “Lily Gray 666 Victim of the Beast” tombstone – anyway, all the streets are lined with these glorious old trees. Unfortunately, they’re forced to cut several of them down. But you’ll be stunned to see how long they’ve been there. Find our whole history in the rings of this tree…

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