The Filthy Truth the Classifieds Don’t Want You to Know! 2.19.20

It’s like one of those click-bait headlines on the news… “The filthy truth the classifieds don’t want you to know!” But really, there’s some enterprising souls who’ll try to sell anything. An. Ee. Thing. We’ve all gone through the classifieds, trying to find a couple of tires or maybe a cd collection. But the true horrors of classified ads, the seedy underbelly? There’s some really troubling stuff, a chunk of concrete, anyone? A mysterious bag of what we are pretty sure is just garbage? It gets worse.

BTW: ready for more classifieds weirdness?


Also, we’re losing our edge, people! Utah is not the “least sinful state” in the nation. What happened here? I’m very disappointed in all of us. What state is the most sinful? Yeah, I’m pretty sure you were correctly guessing Nevada, too.


The Boy Scouts of America have filed for bankruptcy. The Todd, as an Eagle Scout by the age of 14 (with palms!) this is a sad day. But their reason for filing may not be what you expected.


There’s all kinds of stories about people calling 911 for utterly ridiculous reasons. But what if:

  1. You’re a mom of 5, including an infant.
  2. Your breast milk has decided to dry up.
  3. It’s 2:30 am and your poor little guy is wailing.
  4. No one you know will answer their phone.

What happens next is beautiful.


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