The Walking Dead’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan To The Rescue – 12.12.18

The Walking Dead’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan To The Rescue. Jeffrey Dean Morgan may play the scary Negan on the Walking Dead, but in real life, he’s a total pussycat who rescues animals. You’re going to love this story…


Did you know here in Utah we pay 25% more than most of the nation for our Christmas trees? How handy that Todd is here with your DIY “60 Second Christmas Tree.” (Editor’s note: if you’re actually decorating a real Christmas tree, don’t forget our designer-tested guide for how many Christmas lights you’ll need for that tree. Even how many ornaments! Find it here.)

Plus, best Christmas present. Ever. Buy the Dagget County Jail! Bed and breakfast maybe? Also, the hysterical live Tweet session from the daughter of a extremely Italian family who did the DNA test and found out… they’re not. Italian, that is.

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