The Whisper Challenge: “You Put The Guava Where?” – 12.3.18

The Whisper Challenge: “You Put The Guava Where?” Welcome to Todd & Erin’s “Santa just threw up all over our house,” tour. And today, we’re teaching you the “Whisper Challenge,” something you can play with your friends when the party gets boring. You’ll be shocked at what comes out of the mouths of perfectly innocent party guests.


Meet our “Shop Locally” Legend today- Pure Romance by Brenda Winters. She’s going to spice up your holiday in a big way. And right now she’s rolling out the 12 Days Of Christmas romance packages. The holidays are meant to be romantic my friends! Let Brenda help you spice it up. You can find all of our “Shop Locally” Legends here.


(Image credit: Linnaea Mallette )

And the tragic tale of a beautiful, 80-foot spruce – what, like 100 years old? – that was cut down in a Baltimore city park and dragged over to be placed in the front of city hall. “The Mayor wanted a tree. She didn’t tell us where to get it from, so…”

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