There Really Is Such A Thing As Quicksand & Someone Got Stuck In It – 2.19.19

(image credit: Eamon Curry)

There Really Is Such A Thing As Quicksand & Someone Got Stuck In It. You know, I really thought quicksand was going to be a bigger threat in my adult years after all those episodes of Gilligan’s Island and those old Westerns. But some poor hiker down at Zion National Park actually did get caught in quicksand over the weekend! (Big kudos to his girlfriend for hiking out of an impossible spot to go for help.)


The Snow Moon tonight is the biggest Supermoon of the year- it’s most spectacular right as it rises.


Have you noticed all the “nostalgia foods” coming back onto grocery store shelves? Retailers say we’re all longing for the tasty snacks of our youth. So, we’ve bought them all. Seriously. Let’s give them a test run and see what matches up to our childhood memories, eh? Today we sample a huge childhood favorite and find a cruel, cruel betrayal.




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