There’s a menace in our neighborhood. Watching, always watching… 8.13.19

We have… a dark presence in our neighborhood. There’s eyes watching, always watching. I finally caught the interlopers on camera, have a look. Could they be in YOUR neighborhood?

Plus! We have the scariest modern-day horror story that even the FBI can’t solve… a super-creepy tale of a family who paid 1.4 million for their new house… and never moved in. Prepare for chills.


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Imagine having to find a kidnapped newborn as your first assignment in the field as a rookie FBI agent. Then imagine having the young man you saved show up at your retirement ceremony from the Bureau. Are you ready to cry? This is the most beautiful Tell Me Something Good in a long time.



We’re a month away from the Chocolate Villa executive women’s retreat up in beautiful Heber Valley! Are you ready for a life-changing experience that’ll help you decide the important next steps in your life? I certainly am. Learn more about the coaching today on the show and when you’re ready to book the retreat, be sure to enter TODDANDERIN for 10% off. BTW: want to know more about the retreat and the amazing women who’ll be coaching us? Have a look here and here.


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Have you given any real thought to how you want to be buried? Like everything else, there’s a ridiculous (and we do not use that word loosely) array of options these days. Made into a diamond? Shot into space? Please. That’s for amateurs. We have so many more ideas for you.

The president of Brazil has the weirdest answer to climate change ever. Ever. Jair Bolsonaro is already under fire for allowing ranchers to destroy huge swaths of the precious rain forest, but his answer to criticism is, uh, unique, anyway. Have a listen, then shake your head in despair. Or laugh. Or plan a coup. Whatever.

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