Three Feet Of Snow & 616 Car Accidents In One Day – We’re Overachievers! – 2.7.19

Three Feet Of Snow & 616 Car Accidents In One Day – We’re Overachievers! We realized that yesterday was our 7 year old Zoe’s first snow day, ever. Can you remember a 24 hour period with 2.5 feet of snow on the valley floor? And who says we Utahns aren’t overachievers? UHP reported 616 accidents yesterday- that’s effort, my friends!

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When we had bats nesting in our cabin, it took $23 of foam sealer to patch up their entry point. The Davis School District says they need $350,000 to seal up schools against their bat problem. That’s a lot of bats.


Roger Waters from the epic band Pink Floyd just flew a mom from Trinidad in his private jet to a war-torn region in Syria to rescue her two little boys, who’d been kidnapped by their father. This is the most intense “Tell Me Something Good” we’ve had in a long time. If you’d like to donate your time and assistance in helping refugees settle here in Utah, find a perfect place for your efforts and love by going through some options here.

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