Todd’s “No-Fail” Fruit Fly Trap

Todd’s “No-Fail” Fruit Fly Trap. When my sainted mother was in Costa Rica, I went by her house to turn lights on, water plants, etc. What mom did not tell me was she’d left a gigantic tray of produce (now rotting) from her garden on her kitchen counter. I walked into a seething cloud of fruit flies with my mouth open (I was talking to The Todd on my phone) and I have never experienced such horror.



Fruit flies are an abomination. There is no reason this vile species exists on this planet. Thus, they must be eradicated with extreme prejudice. Follow along with Todd’s “no-fail” fruit fly trap. It’s effective, there’s no poison to harm your kiddos or pets, it’s not smelly. And it works.  The fruit flies will die screaming. And drowning, mostly drowning.  (Editor’s note: I put a picture of a “cute” cartoon fruit fly here to placate my 9-year-old. Zoe feels I am unreasonably hard on the humble fruit fly. Zoe, however, has never walked through a swarm of them with her mouth open.)

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