Truly Terrible Baby Names And “Pregnant-zillas” – 2.14.19

Truly Terrible Baby Names And “Pregnant-zillas.” Happy Valentine’s Day! Remember all the Bridezillas who were insisting on increasingly over the top demands for their wedding? It gets better. One mom-to-be angrily canceled her baby shower because her family was questioning her name for the poor infant-to-be: Squire Sebastian Senator. That’s just the first name. “And there will be no nicknames!!”

Also, 1,001 tasty spinach recipes from the Todd’s Test Kitchen… okay, maybe not that many, but after a friend dropped off five gigantic freaking bags of fresh spinach, the Todd’s been half insane coming up with new recipes. Win!

(Editor’s note: want more tasty spinach recipes – or, recipes that can MAKE spinach be tasty? Here you go.)

Not to be all depressing, but plan on paying on your taxes this year instead of getting a refund- the new tax changes aren’t all that helpful for us here in Utah- we’ll explain.


Plus- five clever dates for the broke and yet still romantic. You can find the complete list here.


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