Um… Dude. You just set a children’s hospital on fire. 8.19.19

Um… Dude. You just set a children’s hospital on fire.

In the history of stupid things, lighting off an illegal firework that bounces off a light pole and erupts into a wall of fire just behind a CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL seems like a big one. I was out running late (because that’s what you do when it’s 300 degrees during a Utah summer day) and spotted a group of kids in the parking lot between a pretty little park and Shriner’s Hospital.

Now, I am highly biased because I love Shriner’s. We’ve done numerous fundraisers for this amazing place because they supply medical care for children, free of charge. Free. Of. Charge. Kiddos come to this state of the art hospital to be fitted for prosthetics, surgeries and more. There’s nothing more inspiring than seeing a child enter in a wheelchair, and leave walking on their own, size two sneakered feet.

It felt like a punch in the throat when I watched the kids light off the firework – we’re in the foothills of Salt Lake City, the grass is just waiting for a spark to go up like a butane torch and it’s a clearly labeled “No Fireworks!” zone. The illegal firework bounces off a light pole and WOOSH!

You just can’t believe how fast a hillside of trees and grass can go up. And as I’m dialing 911 and yelling at them in my best “Mom voice” to stay put, they all piled in their cars and roared off. So, with nothing better to do than worry while I waited for the fire engines, I took this video.

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