Unboxing Whole Life Tea

Unboxing Whole Life Teas. It’s a big thing on YouTube right now – unboxing videos. They’re some of our most popular ones, views-wise, so who am I to disagree? So when we got sent a big package of Whole Life Teas, I was totally excited.


Noelle sent us five different flavors of her hand-blended teas. You can even head to her website to find out all the health benefits of the teas. My personal favorite – Chocolate Peppermint, is great for digestion and builds your immune system. There’s a tasty Razzleberry Lemonade, Orange Citrus Sunrise, Chai Me and Apple Cinnamon Pie. And they’re gorgeous! Almost too pretty to drink but we did, of course. Let me be honest. I will fight you for the Chocolate Peppermint. No sharesies. Sorry.

However, if you want your own or to give as gifts, these beautifully packaged babies are also on sale: use erinsfriends at checkout for 25% off throughout November, and 20% off in December.

Need more info about Noelle’s glorious concoctions and some stocking stuffer suggestions? (Say that three times fast!) Find it here.

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