Wand-making 101 With The Todd & Zoe – Halloween Craft-tasticness 10.1.18


Wand-making 101 With The Todd & Zoe – Halloween Craft-tasticness. Today, it’s “Making Magic Wands With The Todd and Zoe,” a little Halloween cleverness to start your week. Plus sad news about a vandalism at Black Island Farms and how we can help this family favorite Halloween spot.


(image credit: Dobrislava)

Todd is struggling with his jealousy over the world’s largest pumpkin, and in Tell Me Something Good- Congress might be jumping into stopping the airlines from shrinking our legroom even more. Do you know it’s shrunk from 38 inches to 27 in the last 5 years? No wonder I can’t feel my feet on a flight anymore! Also, this might shock you, but there actually is “Nudist Resort Etiquette.” Some seem obvious (sit on a towel, please) but a couple of others made me crack up. Have a listen…

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