We Taste-Test The New M&M Flavors! – 6.28.19

We Taste-Test The New M&M Flavors!

We Taste-Test The New M&M Flavors! M&M’s have kindly sent us three of their new flavors to try- one of them is a chocolate bar. Wasn’t that the point of M&Ms, that they were in the coated candy shell? We’ll tell which is tasty, and which one you’ll spit out immediately. BTW: did you miss our last M&M flavor taste-test? Find it here.

Smoke Detectors Are Evil:

I firmly believe that smoke alarm people design them to have the battery die right at 2am so the alarm can start that horrible, endless beeping every 30 seconds. Am I right? “Cats at Large” getting tickets: seriously? A woman in Murray came out of her house to find her cat had been ticketed for lying on the front lawn. I’m not kidding. Apparently, it’s a misdemeanor to be “An Animal At Large.”

Wait, WHAT?

One poor mom was up extra early to feed her new baby and found what looked like human remains on her front porch. Ugh! Apparently, the word spread to the point where the police had to put out a statement revealing what was really on her porch. Frankly, it’s not much better in the way of an explanation.


A Scary Case of Mistaken Identity

Imagine being woken up when the police kick through your door and arrest you at gunpoint for robbing a bank. That’s what happened to Kerry Maw– except for the part that it wasn’t him. Ogden prosecutors dropped the charges with a sort of “Hey, no harm no foul, right?” attitude. Meanwhile, he spent two nights in jail and he’s out $5,000 in attorney’s fees. How would you handle something like that? How should the city handle it?

NASA wants you to name their new Mars Rover!


An Ode to a Lost Quarter Million Dollar Sports Car:

And my favorite: the story of a man who lost his $250,000 McLaren seven minutes after driving it off the lot. Seven. Minutes.


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