Welcome To The Baby Kitty Cam – 5.22.19

Welcome To The Baby Kitty Cam! These are the tiniest kittens we’ve ever fostered for the Utah Humane Society, and they WILL MELT YOUR HEART. Have a look… What’s the best way to catch a beer truck thief? Offer a free keg party to whoever finds it. Such a speedy response! There’s lots of controversy over “food shaming” in school- kids who can’t afford to pay or parents who can’t pay the bill are finding it humiliating in some school districts. Plus, the story of one feisty food worker who gave a boy a free lunch and got fired for it.


Welcome to the Kitty Cam! Adorable baby kitties, on demand! We’re fostering 6 baby kitties from the Utah Humane Society, pull up a chair and relax, They’re oddly soothing. If you have a little space to foster a sick animal or a baby litter until they’re old enough to be adopted, it’s a wonderful thing! Find more information here.

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