What Did You Find Out From Your DNA Test? – 2.1.19

What Did You Find Out From Your DNA Test? We’re about to get our DNA results back from our tests- I already know my mother’s side, but dad’s is a wild card. Have you done one of these tests? There’s a hysterical story out of a European zoo where the baby orangutan’s daddy is NOT the fella in the enclosure with mom. Awkward DNA testing ahead for the rest of the orangutans.

Skippy’s got more great celebrity encounters. (Including Mindy Kaling, whose movie “Late Night” just sold for $13 million!)


(image credit: edward stojakovic)

One kindly anonymous soul paid to put up the residents of a homeless tent city in a hotel during the terrifying cold snap in Chicago, and in When Animals Attack, this has to be in the worst spot ever. Ever.


In case you missed just how truly appalling the weather has been in the midwest, you can hear the stories of my girlfriends- Lynda in Chicago here, and Erin in Minneapolis here. They’re both nuts.

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