What’s Your State’s Favorite Halloween Candy? Who Picked Jolly Ranchers? Really? – 9.27.19

What’s Your State’s Favorite Halloween Candy? Who Picked Jolly Ranchers? Really? And who on earth would pick Necco Wafers as a favorite?  I know I’m getting all judgey here, but really? Neeco Wafers are dusty little discs of death. I’m not sure they’re even edible. And yes, if you were expecting saltwater taffy to get an award of distinction here in Utah, you would be correct. In fact, there was some weird love for that particular sweet in the landlocked states.


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Where are you most likely to get a parking ticket in Salt Lake City. Given that the cheapest ticket is now $38, this is something worth knowing, eh? We’ve got your hotspots, right down to the street and the time of day. Also, the sinister newcomer that everyone’s getting nailed for downtown- the infamous “backing in” parking space.


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There’s a wonderful little photo making the rounds on Facebook this week- of a homeless gentleman changing a woman’s tire for her. But the story behind it is even sweeter. Anna Davidson owns Jessie Jean’s along with her husband, Ron. She posted this photo with the following:

“looked out the window to see this happening. This is Chuck .. he’s homeless and works his ass off helping every day in the cafe . This is “one of those people” that get labeled. Ya know the ones everyone wants outta sight, outta mind.. I didn’t see anyone else out helping this young lady, just Chuck .. the homeless guy.. thank you Chuck #findthekind #kindnessmatters

This amazing little place often offers meals to the homeless in Ogden, and you’ll often find regular customers chipping in an additional $6.25- the cost of a meal that then pays for a hungry and homeless soul, who’s treated with kindness and respect. You can find out more about their philosophy on their Facebook page.


Now that’s finally getting chilly, you know, that kind of chilly where the kids need a jacket when you drop them off at school and you’re blasting their air conditioner when you pick them up? It’s time for the Todd’s Bacon-Lobster Chowder recipe on the podcast today. You’re welcome.

BTW: Are you in the mood for more fall-style recipes? Todd’s Tasty Chili recipe is here. And his Tender Braised Beef Shanks recipe is here.

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