What’s Your Weird Bathroom Reading Material? – 3.6.19

What’s Your Weird Bathroom Reading Material? When there’s a pamphlet that comes with your monthly razor delivery that tells you how to be a better date, you know you have to read it. What’s your weird bathroom reading favorites?

(Editor’s note: this may seem like a weird time to bring it up, but I’ve had great success with my kiddos by reading to them in the tub. For more tips on great books and getting kids to read them, click here.)



You can get an electric lawn mower or trimmer for around $100 with the state’s new trade-in program. They’re selecting folks at random, so get your request in by heading to lawnmower.utah.gov.

Were you born here and still live in the same city? It all depends on country by county on who’s Utah born and bred. If you’re in Summit County, there’s only a 23% chance you’re from there. In Juab County? You stick around- almost 75% are locals. You can find the entire population map here.

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