When Animals Attack: Getting Stomped By A… Bison? – 6.5.19

When Animals Attack: Getting Stomped By A… Bison? When you think of deadly animals attacks, bison aren’t usually at the top of the list… but one poor Utah runner would like to correct you on that. He escaped death with a totally genius move.

The Todd’s grilling tasty, tasty peppers on the grill- so easy! BTW: if you love grilled veggies, be sure to check out his Grilled Cabbage Steaks- they’re freaking delicious. Find the recipe here.


(Screencap courtesy of Walt Disney Studios)

Hey Salt Lake City… your water rates are about to go up another… say… 112% by 2024. Surprise! Will Smith’s out promoting “Alladin” and is heart-stoppingly adorable to small children. Prepare to “awwww.”

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