When Insurance Doesn’t Cover Alligators In Your Kitchen – 7.19.19


When Insurance Doesn’t Cover Alligators In Your Kitchen…

You get an alligator breaking into your kitchen. There’s a lot of freaking damage because… you know… it’s an ALLIGATOR. The insurance company says they “don’t cover alligators.” Really?

Ever wonder what else insurance doesn’t cover? You’d be surprised. Have a look here.

(Cover image credit: Clearwater Police)

Welcome to the Heat Dome!! (Does anyone else remember Stephen King’s scary tale called Under the Dome? If so, you’re totally freaked out right now like I am.) There’s a “heat dome” over the country- meaning a weird pressure zone is keeping most of the US in a record-breaking heatwave. Need some ways to keep cool? Try some tips from our “No A/C Challenge” here, or my favorite “Hot Weather Helpers” here.

While we’re in Florida, there’s a wonderful Tell Me Something Good where a little church managed to raise enough money to buy $7.5 million dollars worth of medical debt from a collection company and forgave the debt for thousands of desperate families.

Ever get so sick of porch pirates that catching one in the act and chasing them down for the police is a good idea? One Cottonwood Heights man has an epic tale.


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