Who Actually Follows The Holiday Tipping Guide? – 12.13.18

Who Actually Follows The Holiday Tipping Guide?

The guide to holiday tipping is out, and it’s making me feel guilty, things like “Tip your child’s lunch ladies $25 each. Your nanny should get an extra’s month’s salary as a holiday tip.” Who DOES tip and how much and to who? Really- I want to know.


Embrace your imperfections!

So many friends have felt frustrated and inadequate because they’re buying into the Myth of the Perfect Holiday. Dr. Julie Hanks is the person to set us straight and embrace the mantra “Go For Good Enough!” You’ll be inspired, I promise. So, the SLC City Council just voted to give themselves a $10,000 raise. Each. I wish I had that power… Don’t forget to shop locally for the holidays and support our local businesses- we have a lovely list for you. Find them all here!

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