Who Needs Your Support? The Toddler Or The Dog? – 3.7.19

Who Needs Your Support? The Toddler Or The Dog? An intense and emotional discussion today about the Layton toddler who suffered a terrible accident with the neighbor’s Husky dogs. Austin’s arm was seized by one of the husky dogs who lived next door, who tore the child’s arm off at the elbow and consumed it. This little boy will need years of painful medical treatments, along with a prosthesis that costs around $53,000 every time he outgrows it.


There’s been an outpouring of support for the two dogs- a petition signed that has over 179,000 signatures as of this post date, with many people condemning the family and gloating that “the kid learned his lesson.” The family, who’s in the hospital with their son, has been receiving death threats.


Where do you stand? What can be done? While no one has to be solidly on one side or another- this is a terrible tragedy- why are the dogs receiving the vast majority of the support and the family enduring a barrage of hate and scorn? We want to know what you think.


For those who would like to support Austin’s long and painful recovery, his mother Hope Elizabeth Brown has set up a PayPal account that goes to a charity account at GoldenWest Credit Union. She wrote that: “We do currently have a PayPal account set up for Austin. It’s to help with finances so I can stay home with him while he recovers, get Austin the things he needs, and any left over will hopefully go towards a prosthesis for him.” You can contribute here.

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