Yay! Salt Lake City Is Hosting The National Quidditch Cup! – 7.8.19

Yay! Salt Lake City Is Hosting The National Quidditch Cup!

Welcome to the Todd & Erin Salad Series! (See how catchy that sounds?) We’re putting together a bunch of side dishes this week so you look like the Best Guest Ever for your next neighborhood BBQ. Today: Spinach Strawberry Salad. BRW: are you looking for a way to keep that super-duper expensive produce fresh? Here’s some genius tips.



Yay! SLC is going to host the national Quidditch Cup! Did you know such a thing existed? Oh, yes. In fact, we have several high-ranking collegiate teams here. Quidditch Muggle-style is a brutal mix of football, soccer, and rugby. And played by a coed team. (image credit via Wikipedia)

Dude: when you’re drunk, maybe jumping out of the boat without a life jacket to avoid the police is a bad idea… What happens when your standard drunk boater decides to “outsmart” the rangers.


Would you return a lost wallet? Would it make a difference if there was money in it or not? There’s a global study just completed by the University of Utah that might surprise you. (image credit via Wikipedia)

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