You Spent HOW MUCH on a Hostess Gift? – 9.24.19

You Spent HOW MUCH on a Hostess Gift? You visit New York City with a friend, staying at his aunt’s place. You want to send a hostess gift, of course. Your friend informs you that you will be required to spend $200 on said gift because his family “expects it.” Are you kidding? Would you shell out that kind of money?


Also! Roast Pork with Apple Chutney in Todd’s Test Kitchen. BTW: is the pumpkin-spice pressure of fall getting you in the mood for more hearty meals? Try the Todd’s Braised Beef Shanks recipe here. Or his utterly sublime Leg of Lamb recipe here.


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I’ve never felt more empathy for Disney employees… I know that when we’ve all saved our money to bring our family to the Most Expensive Place on Earth, we want it TO BE PERFECT. But when you hear some of the horror stories from employees (getting punched in the stomach because they want to be in the front row of the rollercoaster and you’re pregnant) you’re going to be SO MUCH nicer to these poor folks.

Did you hear about that heartbreaking tour bus crash in Southern Utah last weekend? It was a huge group of tourists from China and no one to interpret for them. Which is where the epic Jason Chang comes in. This courageous college student answered a frantic call for someone who spoke Mandarin Chinese… and his story is incredible.

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