Your Name & Personality Decoded – It’s Uncomfortably Accurate – 8.22.19

Your Name & Personality Decoded – It’s Uncomfortably Accurate. Have you ever looked up the meaning of your name on the Urban Dictionary? Go have a look. “A Todd will offer up the shirt on his back and the beer in his hand to the least amongst us if it makes him look good in front of attractive or powerful people.” Hah! “Erins are very creative and absolutely love food, they will eat your house out of food. I’m not exaggerating, I’m being serious.”


Plus, amazing school programs for at-risk kids, thanks to the genius minds at East High School here in Salt Lake City. When you have high school children living in cars, or even heads of the household since their parents are gone, how do you help them stay in school? This is the most inspirational thing you can imagine. BTW: for more information about the program, have a look here.


Remember when we told you about the “Bird and Butt” watching at the Bear River Bird Refuge here along the Wasatch Front? We’re not alone, here’s yet another weird arrest at a bird refuge. Prepare to laugh uncontrollably – this one beats any arrest they’ll make at our bird-watching heaven.

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