Your Next DIY Masterpiece: PVC Trampoline Dome/Fort/Fairy Castle

Your Next DIY Masterpiece: PVC Trampoline Dome/Fort/Fairy Castle. As we make our way to the store for more cold meds, we wanted to show you a new way to re-use that old trampoline. You know, the one the kids have destroyed the safety net and no longer use? Meet the genius of the PVC Trampoline Tent- totally easy and a brand new fort or fairy castle.

BTW: One of the reasons I make the Todd do the DIY Masterpiece (the “Fairy Dome”) for Zoe every summer is that is the only place she’ll read with me. I have to be cunning and find new ways to make reading exciting for her. If you need some suggestions for kiddos who may not be thrilled with reading, there’s a great starter list here.


Plus! In Tell Me Something Good, East High School has an innovative way to keep homeless and struggling kids in school. You’re going to want to implement this in your kid’s school the minute you see this.

Want to support this amazing program? Find more info here.

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