Spicy Summer Reads

Spicy Summer Reads… There’s something about summer that always sends me to the spicy side of the bookstore. I’m sitting by the pool, I’m reading something about Loki and some lucky girl in Asgard and…

Wait. That would be my personal dreamy summer read. Maybe yours leans towards something with hot guys and a big, beautiful woman heroine? Werewolves? Gorgeous, brooding Scottish guys?

Here are my favorite picks for this summer from some of my favorite writers- all popular, all self-published so I love giving them as much attention as possible. Have a look. Thank me later.

Spicy Summer Reads

“I Love the Way You Lie”

Maybe you fell in love with Marvel’s Loki in the “Thor” and “Avenger” movies, but ohhh… he was so much fun in the original Norse Myths! This story has King Loki of Asgard (you’ll find out what happened to Odin and Thor later) capturing the daughter of the Dark Elf Queen, a weapon that can find the truth in the most closed mind. A Princess who can only speak the truth and the God of Lies. I love this so much- I’ve read it three times. Find it here.


“Loki’s Mortal Mate”

While we’re on the subject of Loki, here’s another favorite from one of my favorite writers, Gisela Grey.
This isn’t the first time that Loki has been punished for a bit – all right, a lot of – mischief. Banished to Earth and badly hurt, he seeks refuge in the form of a black cat. You know a kind-hearted mortal girl will rescue him and then… You can find it here.


“Big and Beautiful: The Lancaster Werewolves”

Why should teeny tiny sylph-like girls have all the fun? Gisela Grey’s girl all have figures like, you know, normal women. But the men are still gorgeous and she throws in the whole werewolf-shifter thing and it’s all over the place. But in a good way. (Editor’s note: my personal favorite is the second in this series, “Big and Brave.”) Find them here.


“Sgàile Leannan: Book One of The McClary Chronicles”

Back to the hot, brooding Scottish guy I promised you… Stuck in the wilds of the Scottish Highlands doing soil-testing research, Molly finds herself completely out of her element and in the crosshairs of a rough local who doesn’t turn a welcoming eye to strangers. Caught in a dangerous storm in an unfamiliar place, her only option beside freezing to death or getting lost on the mountain is to follow the surly shepherd home…  Lexa Kline has been a favorite of mine for a long time- you’ll also find stories about archangels from other dimensions and several other tasty man-morsels.


What are some of your favorite summer reads? Share! Discuss!



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