April Fools!  5 Awesome Kid Pranks

April Fools!  5 Awesome Kid Pranks There’s nothing dorkier–or more adorable–than the stifled giggles of a kid who thinks he’s totally pulled one over on you.  I think we forget sometimes how much kids love to prank us just as much as we love to spring an April Fool’s surprise on them. In their honor, here are some ideas for April 1. 

April Fools!  5 Awesome Kid Pranks

1. Baby Monitor Spies: take one of the monitors and set up the other near your parents.  When they least expect it, shriek “someone’s watching!”  Watch them jump!


2. Tape the light switch: Mom or Dad will groggily try to turn on the light switch and keep pawing at it, wondering why they can’t flip the switch.  Laugh when they finally figure it out.


3. Take the toilet paper off the holder and leave a funny note instead: (PS: you might want to leave the roll close by where Mom and Dad can find it.)


4. Paint a wedge of sponge to look like a slice of cake: this would totally work in my house on ME.  Leave the slice of “cake” out on the counter and laugh yourself silly when Mom or Dad takes the first bite.


5. Short-sheet their bed: an oldie but a goodie.  When the ‘rents try to climb into bed, they’ll find it impossible. Here’s some directions on how to short-sheet a bed in case you’re not in the loop.


What about your kiddos? What pranks have they played on you that TOTALLY worked? Share with the class…