Homemade Hand Sanitizer

Have you been thinking about making a homemade hand sanitizer? With hand sanitizer gel currently sold out everywhere, there is a homemade option I got from a friend of mine who’s a doctor with UNICEF – they use this formula out in the field where there’s no Walmart just around the corner. But she emphasizes, “Wash your hands!! It’s just as important if not more so.” The full 20 seconds is important, singing “Happy Birthday” twice is about right.




Another important element is the aloe vera gel – alcohol alone is too harsh. Broken skin – even irritated, sore skin – is a more likely field for microbes to grow and flourish.

Are you looking for some sensible health advice regarding your coronavirus concerns? Try the Harvard University Health Review or The Washington Post. It’s easy to freak out – I don’t want to brag, but that is my specialty – but there’s plenty of excellent, professional information available. Are you looking for some good reasons to not panic? Allow me to introduce “Coronavirus: Ten reasons why you ought not to panic.”





Give Us Your Toilet Paper and Nobody Gets Hurt!

Give Us Your Toilet Paper and Nobody Gets Hurt! It’s insane, once the word out that toilet paper was the “must-have” item of the coronavirus pandemic fears, every paper good aisle at the grocery store was a ghost town. What else are you stocking up on?


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The CDC and our local state government has been urging caution, but not hysteria when it comes to preparation for the possibility of the Coronavirus actually spreading here. The most important reminder? “Wash your hands!” (Or, as the Todd says, “Wash your hands like you’ve got a club stamp you don’t want your mom to see.”)


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