Making a Paper Medallion Wreath For Halloween – Easy DIY – 10.17.18

Erin here – you know any craft I’m showing you is going to be ridiculously simple- because I’m a simpleton. Paper medallions are big in holiday decor this year, so I’m going to show you how to make one into a nice big Halloween wreath with limited effort. And ideally, minimal glue gun burns. Plus! I’ll show you how to get rid of all those irritating little threads of strung-out glue that make your project look sloppy.


(Editor’s note: for more fun with a “cool” hot glue gun and all the supplies you need for this craft, head to our page here.)

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Easy Halloween Kid Crafts With Todd & Zoe – 10.8.18

Easy Halloween Kid Crafts With Todd & Zoe. The Todd’s “corn critters.” I’ve never seen anything like them! With bonus hot glue gun burns! (We couldn’t find any googly eyes anywhere here in Salt Lake City. Go figure. If you need some, you’ll find them along with all our other Halloween decor on our Amazon page here.)


They’re currently crawling up my living room wall, and there’s corn silk strewn throughout the house- but who cares? These suckers are remarkably sturdy- drying nicely in place and growing browner and more crispy through the holiday. I’ve never seen a decoration like this before! We have them in the Halloween Tree and currently infesting my bookcase. A little burn salve for The Todd, and viola! Perfection!