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Todd & Erin’s Shop Locally – Basil & Rose Garden & Gift Store

Todd & Erin’s Shop Locally: Basil & Rose Garden & Gift Store.

There are certain places I cannot be trusted to leave in any kind of a timely manner. Basil & Rose is one of them. There’s too much to look at! Too many adorable things to pick up and squeal over. Like the apron. My neighbor Juliette has chickens, and there are these epic aprons with lots of little pockets to put eggs in. How could I NOT get this for Juliette! What kind of a friend would I be?


You see my dilemma. Now just magnify it by like, 200 times and you have an idea of just how many perfect, clever things surround you in Basil & Rose Garden & Gift Store. Beuna Tomalino opened the store just last March, and it’s already a gathering place for all kinds of events as well as shopping: everything from “Starting Your Sourdough” to “Cards and Canvases for a Cause.” 

Basil & Rose is located at 2110 Orchard Drive in Bountiful. You can also find more about this tasty little paradise on Facebook and Instagram. Mention Todd & Erin when spending $40 or more at Basil & Rose and receive a coupon for 20% off a purchase after January 1, 2020. Use the coupon yourself or give as a gift. Cannot be combined with other offers.



You’re a gardening fiend?

Gardening hats and gloves and tools and aprons… There are seeds of all kinds and beautiful containers. (And don’t forget the classes for “Square Foot Gardening,” and “Composting.”) Beuna also carries darling birdfeeders and birdseed to keep your backyard popular this winter. There’s organic gardening supplies for a pesticide-free paradise, and all kinds of lovely herbs and edible plants. Beuna is very careful about the ingredients in the food, skin care and herb products she sells.


Do you prefer epic home decor?

Gorgeous candles … dishes … Christmas and holiday decorations … pottery and more.


Are you looking for the easiest gift shopping EVER?

There’s perfect little lotions and soaps, essential oils and jewelry. Exquisite, hand-made greeting cards and jewelry.


And food, glorious food.

Locally-made jams and honey. You can pick up some wonderful tea (with a tea service to go with it) or spice rubs. If you’ve got someone on your list interested in food storage, this is your place. (Back to the Events calendar: there’s a class this month on “The 4 Basics to Survive Disaster.) See? It all comes together so perfectly.