Todd & Zoe’s Daddy-Daughter Date

Todd & Zoe’s Daddy-Daughter Date. So our seven year old Zoe adores her dad. She loves hanging out with The Todd, no matter what the man is up to.



Much of their time is spent rough-housing madly, like The Todd throwing Zoe the length of our neighborhood pool during the summer. Every day.

He was so excited to take her on a “special” Daddy-Daughter Date. Traditionally, when The Todd gets all worked up over something, I know to be suspicious. But… a day out with our Zoe? You know it would have to be all sweet, right?

So ZoZo put on a nice dress and a sparkly headband, and the girl was ready for some serious action. And this is what happened. Have a look…


What weird and wonderful little ritual do you have with your kiddos? Drop a comment and share, we’ll give away dinner for 4 at Christopher’s Prime Steakhouse for one of your stories next Friday.




The First Picture Of A Black Hole Or Eye Of Sauron From LOTR? – 4.12.19

The First Picture Of A Black Hole Or Eye Of Sauron From LOTR?  Is it just me, or does the first picture ever of a Black Hole look just like the Eye of Sauron from Lord of the Rings, look at the side by side comparison.

Can you even imagine how terrifying a home invasion would be? You, hiding in a closet and desperately calling the police? Here’s a chest-cam view from a SWAT officer responding to a call here in Utah. Wait for it…

We’re rich! I just checked my family’s names out on Utah’s Unclaimed Property list- everyone has money coming but ME. We’ll show you how to check your nameCan you imagine spending the night in the Louvre in Paris under the Mona Lisa? We’ll tell you how to enter, but you have to hurry, the contest is about to close.


(cover image credit: NASA Event Horizon Collaboration)

Daddy-Daughter Dates: Sweet. And Sometimes Smelly – 4.9.19

Daddy-Daughter Dates: Sweet. And Sometimes Smelly. When the Todd takes our Zoe on a “Daddy-Daughter Date,” it’s always sweet. And sometimes smelly.


There was a particularly entertaining “Anti” protester at General Conference this weekend, you’ll love him. New Zealand may not have the Running of the Bulls, but they have something cuter. We introduce you to possibly the worst person in a position of power here in Utah. Ugh.


And in Tell Me Something Good, the most epic 13-year-old boy in North America. When his father leaves the family in dire circumstances and his mother working 2 jobs and taking the bus, this kiddo leaps into action. (BTW: need more stories of awesome kids and their… uh… awesomeness? Have a look at our “Kid tested and kid approved jokes” here.)

Be Our Guest Celebrity Reporter At FanX! – 4.8.19

Be Our Guest Celebrity Reporter At FanX! Wanna be our guest celebrity reporter at FanX at the Salt Palace next weekend? We’ll tell you how to win your spot as we begin the show today. Remember how funny Karl Urban was at last year’s FanX?

Also, Lehi REALLY hates chalk, since they’re prepared to charge a group from “Moms For Clean Air” for using it. Progressive news from General Conference last weekend… the most terrible “When Animals Attack” video from an unlikely source… and a delightful story of instant karma involving a poacher.

Switching To Daylight Savings Time Is Really Anticlimactic Now… 3.11.19

Switching To Daylight Savings Time Is Really Anticlimactic Now… Ever notice what a letdown the Daylight Savings Time switch is? Now with cell phones, you don’t have to remember a thing… except for how to make your car’s clock switch back.

We (unwisely) hosted a slumber party for Zoe’s 8th birthday. Did you know that 8 year old girls can scream in a pitch that actually makes blood come out of your ears? For reals!


When the Todd cooks, he likes to cook big. In this case, too big. Enjoy his tasty recipe for beef shanks. If you can fit them in your oven, that is. For a tasty roasted cauliflower dish to go with it, click here.


Do you have your tickets yet for the 4th Annual Todd & Erin Psychic Fair? We will sell out before the event on March 22nd! Get tickets and more info here.

Stupid Valentine’s Day Gifts – The “50 Shades of Gray DOUBLE Blindfold Kit” – 2.13.19

(image credit:

Stupid Valentine’s Day Gifts – The “50 Shades of Gray DOUBLE Blindfold Kit.” We’ve got some of the weirdest gifts for Valentine’s Day- like “fundies” that two people can wear at the same time (ewwww) and my favorite- the “Fifty Shades of Gray Double Blindfold Kit.” Um… if you’re both wearing a blindfold, doesn’t that seem…? Never mind.

The Todd shows you what to cook when someone drops off 5 massive bags of fresh spinach- tastiness! (By the way- if you’re trying to eat better, there’s tons of tasty spinach recipes from the Todd’s Test Kitchen here.)

Plus Sting and the Chainsmokers are coming in concert to Salt Lake City! We have your sneaky inside tip on getting your tickets first.

Alone For The Holidays Instead Of With People You Can’t Stand – 12.5.18

(Cover image credit: USAF)

Alone For The Holidays Instead Of With People You Can’t Stand:

So here’s a tricky one: are you spending the holidays alone this year? Even harder- do you not want to go “home” for the holidays? It’s a very tricky, emotional situation, so Dr. Julie Hanks is here to walk us through it and show how this could be an absolutely wonderful month.


“Buy The Foam Grip Lightsaber- It’s Really Comfy!”

Mark Hamill himself has to school an auction house about trying to sell off the “only” lightsaber used by Luke Skywalker. There’s a school system in New York that’s letting kids earn token they can spend at their vending machines that dispense books instead of snacks. Oh, and meet the 7 year old who made 22 million dollars this year opening toys. You heard me. (image credit: United States Air Force)


Dealing With A Holiday Dilemma?

Have you missed any of Dr. Julie Hanks’ amazing interviews about the holidays? “Raising A Non-Greedy Kid During The Holidays” is here.  “Stopping Family Fights During The Holidays With One Simple Phrase” is here. And “The Myth of the Perfect Holiday” is here.

The Todd Wants To Put Me In A Coffin And I’m Kind Of Okay With It – 9.26.18

The Todd Wants To Put Me In A Coffin And I’m Kind Of Okay With It. This likely comes as no surprise, but The Todd wants to put me in a coffin. But on the bright side, there’s $300 at stake. I’d be nuts not to try!


Also, imagine someone stealing your expensive camera with priceless memories on the sd card- but they left their cellphone? That’s one West Jordan guy’s challenge- he knows who stole his camera now, can he get it back? Also- the coolest delivery ever for one OB/GYN and Todd’s Daddy-Daughter Date with our Zoe.