Zachary Levi Talks “Shazam” & Being Ridiculously Attractive

Zachary Levi Talks “Shazam” & Being Ridiculously Attractive. Did you know #ZacharyLevi actually tried out for the villain in “Shazam?” He stopped by SLC’s FanX ’19 to be… well… adorable. There’s some some actors so sweet and sincere that it’s almost too much. Zachary Levi starred in “Chuck” on TV, played Fandral in the Thor movies and finally hopped up to where he belonged as the star of “Shazam.”


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(Screen grab via Warner Bros.)

Zachary is one of the most relentlessly positive and upbeat celebrities we’ve ever interviewed, truly and sincerely kind and sweet. His mama raised him right. Have a look…


“Shazam’s” Zachary Levi Is Even More Adorable Than You Thought – 4.22.19

“Shazam’s” Zachary Levi Is Even More Adorable Than You Thought. Okay, how can you NOT love this man? Zachary Levi, star of “Chuck” on TV, Fandral from “Thor” and now, “Shazam.” which took first place at the box office and has already grossed $100,000,000. Which is a lot of zeros. But he showed up at SLC’s FanX over the weekend to talk Hollywood, auditioning for the villain in “Shazam” and getting the lead, and leading the entire audience in discussing something you would never expect- depression. And he rocks it. But you knew he would.



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